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Yoga originated from the ‘Pre-Vedic’ ancient Indian Tradition, is just not the physical exercise but the core of the yoga remains in the meditative and spiritual qualities that it disposes to the one who practices it.

Yoga reduces the risk factors of occurrence of many types of cancers and may cure other diseases such as Thyroid, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, heart problems and so on. Different kind of exercises helps to cure many disorders like psycho-somatic & insomnia and issues related to bi-polar disorder, depression, dementia, Alzheimer etc.

What’s in store for you:-

A refreshing package of yoga for the beginners to lay the foundation and prepare the body

A particular yoga package for prenatal and postnatal phase and obesity

A specially designed package for women that deals with all your hormonal and emotional imbalances

Exercises are customized after understanding the requirement of a person

Complete personal observation and maintenance of records that further help design the advanced patterns of exercises according to the needs

Various kinds of Asana performed for the proper functioning of the body and hormonal balance

The center offers yoga for stress management, hypertension, etc.